As it's name would suggest, The H.U.B. is the central nervous system of The Heights. Located in the front foyer of the church, it acts as the rallying point for all first impressions ministry, including, greeters, bulletins, cafe, information and assistance, etc. This team is our frontline, ready to greet and make every person that comes through our doors feel special!


Whether you are trying to obtain, or convey information, our representatives at The H.U.B. are knowledgeable and always willing to assist you in having your need or request met. Have a question about The Heights? Go to The H.U.B. Need to know where the children's ministries are at? Go to The H.U.B. Want to sign up to be baptized, join the church, find a small group, or serve in an area of ministry? The H.U.B. is definitely the place to start!

The H.U.B.


The H.U.B. is not only living up to it's name by being the center of activity at The Heights, it is also an acronym that we use to describe the three-fold purpose that it serves our guests...


As the center for first impressions ministry, The H.U.B. is the key place to greet our guests, whether they are regulars or first-time visitors. You will always find a smiling face ready to make you feel welcome, accommodate your needs during your visit, or to give out a gift to all of our first-timers. The H.U.B. is the place you will feel the warmth and love of Jesus as soon as you come in the door!


Sometimes church can be confusing, and even intimidating...whether you've never been before, or even if you come every week. The H.U.B. also serves to answer any questions you may have in order to better help you understand things. Questions like; What does The Heights believe? What does it mean to be saved, and how can I know that I am saved? What is baptism for and what does it do? Why is church membership important?...All of these questions and more can be answered and explained at The H.U.B.


We believe that an important part of growing as a believer and progressing in our faith journey is serving. Here at The Heights, we are dedicated and passionate about helping you become the you that you were created to be. God has a plan for you and your life, and that includes you getting involved, (when you're ready). When you feel that nudge to do more than just spectate, and want to get involved in a ministry, Stop by The H.U.B. to find out about how you can get plugged in!

Sunday Mornings

@ 10:30am

The Heights

2274 Yorkville Rd. E.

Columbus, MS  39702


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